Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Ben Koppenens
  • Date of birth: April 29th 1977
  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • City: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Phone: (+31) 6 511 555 24
  • Email: ben@koppenens.com

Profesional Profile

I am an experienced Front-End developer from The Netherlands. My key skills are: Analytical working approach, Javascript Guru, Hands-on mentality, focus on details & code quality.

With my experience in working for large companies and high-profile project, I can be of value for any web project or IT company. Read more about my experience and work below.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2015 October - Present

CX Company / T-Mobile

Javascript developer

Job Description

Javascript developer
In a Joint Scrum-Team for Telekom Innovation Laboratories I fullfil the role of Javascript Developer for implementing a Virtual Chat agent for T-Mobile.at.

2011 October - 2015 October


2011 - 2012 Javascript developer
2012 - 2015 Build lead & architect

Job Description

Javascript developer
For Rabobank.nl I worked for two years in a generic support team. Large parts of the web applications maintained by this team are behind authentication (banking).

Build lead & architect
Among many smaller and larger project, we recently restyled big parts of the public website in a new and fresh (responsive) theme, as can be seen here & here.

2013 March - 2015


2013 - 2013 Implementation SeoShop
2013 - 2015 Building Magento Store

Job Description

Implementation SeoShop
One of the leading Dutch webshop providers is SeoShop.nl. It's a custom platform with their own templating & event system. Hond.nl is a major Dutch webshop in animal (dog) supplies. The stock and back office systems were integrated with SeoShop.

Building Magento Store
As the webshop grow, a Magento store became required to create all the needs for a full grown e-commerce company. I did development on both back-end (custom extensions) as wel as Front-End (theme development).

2010 Januari - 2010 August

Exact N.V.

Javascript Developer

Job Description

Exact is a leader in bookkeeping software for both small businesses as well as large company's and governmental organisations. During this project I was working on Exact's web-based portal for large organisations, replacing an old Windows client with a webbased application.

Key aspects of the development were: exact copy of an existing (client) interface. Great usability because people spend hours in the interface. Another big issue was performence and the requirement of fully supporting Internet Explorer.

My Education


1998 September - 2006 June

Delft Univerity of Technology



I have a masters degree in (civil) engineering at Delft University of Technology. Although in that time, I didn't learn much web-development yet, I did learn many things that form the base of my capabilities now. Key learnings were: analytical way of thinking, problem solving approach, thorough knowledge of mathematics (wich become handy when programming on games but also encryption).

1991 September - 1998 May


pre-university education

School Profile Description

VWO is a Dutch name for the highest level of high schools we have here in Holland. It's the only level which gives direct access to one of the Dutch Universities. Normally you'll start around the age of 12 and it takes 6 years before doing the final exam.

My profile for the last years was both technical (with Science, Math and Physics) and economical.


  • Herbert Stroeve

    Manager Product Management

    Ben is a javascript software develpoper and expert. He has brought in some considerable knowledge. Excellent understanding of the underlying business process and understanding of the end-user result in a rare and worthful combination of skills. Ben is very motivated for realizing high end-results, we will hire Ben for sure again in case we will need him.

  • Christian Curré

    Coaching, culture, communication

    Ben joined Habiforum just after graduating from Delft Technical University. You could immediately notice that he had performed project-oriented research and that he was used to adapt quickly to new situations. His talent for entrepreneurship, his great dedication and his refreshing lack of a 9-to-5 mentality made that I in no way had to treat him as a junior, but could trust him immediately to perform well in self-reliant activities. Additionally, his large body of ICT knowledge was a directly useful asset. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Ben later in other projects as a skilled professional.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


Javascript 95%
HTML 5, CSS3 90%
Apache, Mysql, PHP Setup 79%
Tridion 67%
Magento 60%

Language Skills



  • Angular
  • CSS 3
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • Legacy Support & Migration
  • Analytics
  • JQuery
  • MySql & Percona
  • Apache, nginx & Litespeed webserver
  • Varnish cache
  • PDF Manipulation
  • Data import, export
  • bash, cron, debian

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    Although free time is little, I do like ice skating, biking and running when I do have time.

  • Culture


    Discovering other peoples habits, beliefs and culture is an enriching experience.

  • Technology


    As an IT guy, I try to follow technology news, expecially related to my field of work.

  • Asia


    I have been attracted by Asia my whole life, so visiting Asia is always a pleasure.

  • Family


    Of course, my two kids & wife deserve more time then I spare. So no more late-night work (thanks scrum).

  • Spirituality


    "The mind is everything; What you think, you become," ~ unknown


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